Wedding GPS: Tiffany Themed Bridal Shower

Tiffany Themed Bridal Shower for Bride to Be Nakia!

We had a great time at the “Nakia & Co.” themed bridal shower! Tiffany blue, black, and white were carried throughout all of the decor and even to the Tiffany Blue Punch. Guests received custom Tiffany themed cookies as favors and munched on brunch. Custom games were created by Rosemint Inc. and one of the bridesmaids created a very cute custom frame.


Guests were greeted with strands of pearls as part of the “Don’t Say Wedding” Game. If anyone got caught saying “wedding”, the whistle blower got to take their pearls. The guest with the most pearls at the end of the shower won a prize.


The menu included delectable brunch items. French toast, shrimp and grits, bacon, salmon croquettes, fresh fruit, fried chicken, waffles, and salad rounded out the buffet.



The Tiffany blue bar offered Tiffany Blue Punch and your choice of mimosas! Also, custom “Nakia & Co.” labels were added to the water bottles.



Here is the fabulous frame made by one of the bridesmaids! You also see themed photo props on the table.


Table settings and favors are shown below.

Saved the best for last…the gorgeous bride to be! Yes, her shirt reads “All I Need Is Bottomless Mimosas”.




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Wedding GPS: Menswear for the Man of the Hour

Menswear for the Man of the Hour

While the “bride to be” will always remain the sun, moon, and stars of the Rosemint Inc. universe, we must make sure the surrounding celestial bodies perfectly compliment our leading lady. This is where the groom becomes less of a mannequin and more of a…well…well-dressed, dashing, eye candy of a mannequin.(Kidding fellas, without you there would be no us 😉 ) On your special day, there are some things you may forget (which is what Rach and Char are here to anticipate for) and some things will be forever etched in your memory. More tangibly, there will be pictures. There will be selfies. There will be more pictures. There will be your pictures.

Now we know you’ve perused all of the trends and do’s and dont’s for brides, and in the process you may or may not have forgotten about that other person that will coincidentally be there next to you for your big day. Or you would like to guide your “hubby to be” gently into a suit that did not come from Mrs. Poly and Ester. There’s no need to fear Under-…um Rosemint is here! We are the super duo that can have you and your groom covered, no ifs, ands, or dastardly mustache twirling villains (way better than just saying buts).

We compiled a quick cheat sheet of menswear trends that will make any fitting/shopping/ alteration experience a breeze. That way the hubster can get back to keeping the tunes light and snacks flowing as you traverse the highway to your wedding day with Rosemint Inc.

Tell us which look is your favorite via comment!

Bright & Bold: For the hubby that’s not feeling traditional

bright menswear



Mix & Match: For the hubby that likes them all

red vest




The White Tie: For when he’s feeling godly


all white



Patterned Suit: Hubby is quirky and you love it so what



The Color Blue: Hubby is a multi-tasker so he’s your groom AND something blue











Source: brown-shoes- 2015-2016/


By Char

Thrifting and I, It Was a Good Day

A hobby that I love, and that can save lots of $$$, is thrifting! Occasionally I’ll post some of my fabulous finds because what could be better than getting something for waaaayyy under retail?…


It’s always a gamble when I purchase earrings from anywhere because I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin when it comes to metals. As I’ve gotten older the sensitivity has increased. I can put earring in my ear and they will start burning immediately if they are not the right type. Anyway, back to the fabulous earrings and these darn near new Marc Jacobs sunglasses! Although I don’t believe in buying certain brands because of a name, that ideology goes out the window when it comes to March Jacobs. I’m a huge fan of the brand. And this fan got some Marc Jacobs aviators for only $24 bucks



My favorite find is the vintage travel bag you see below. I’ve been carrying it as my purse and it’s the perfect size for all of my staple notebooks and planner. I added a vintage curtain tie (that I sometimes wear as a necklace) to add some pizzazz but it kept falling off so back to the drawing board I went.





I gorilla-glued on a vintage clip on earring that my skin does not agree with and it stayed on a few days. I’ve accepted that this bag will just be worn plain. Unless you have any suggestions…send me a message please if you do!  ***UPDATE*** The earring has fallen off 😦 The gorilla glue didn’t work as well as I thought, but I’m not giving up!




Thanks for checking out my thrift treasures!