Wedding GPS: Gifts

Pit Stop: Gifting all classy like

As a graceful bride to be, your fairy GPS here at Rosemint work hard to make sure you are well acquainted with all the social graces of a wedding. Gifts are a subject of great excitement as well as great trepidation when it comes to weddings, thus there are a few formalities that we at Rosemint feel that both the bride and her guests will appreciate. There is a way to gift and there is also a way to receive and reciprocate. We will be succinct with a few pretty pictures tossed in as we lay down a few guidelines to master the art of gifting. Rach and Char are not farmers so there will be no gift piggies on our watch!


-XOXO Char


  • REGISTRIES ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND (After diamonds of course). That’s right ladies, your mom, aunts, even the mama in law is right on this one! In this day of technology at our fingertips, make it easier on guests by clearly listing what you want and where to get it from! This also makes it easier on you because the more gifts of wanted things due to your clear communication the less likely you will have to face nasty retail customer service lines returning said unwanted things.


  • REGISTRIES CAN BE MANY IN NUMBER (WITHOUT BEING A GIFT PIGGY). Okay, you’ve gotten the hang of registries, get the scanner thingy and uninterested fiance and bam! Ready to go! The best way to not end up with four toasters and negative ten espresso makers is to diversify your registry. “Hubby to be” may hate us for it but once you tackle one store go ahead and tackle another! Include a wide price range of items so that your guests are not inconvenienced when they are already taking on extra expenses to attend. Plus this is a chance for you and your “groom to be” to take a step together as you begin to make your future life together more tangible.


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