Point of Direction: Flower Power

Hello hello readers, the lovely ladies at Wedding GPS hope you’ve been enjoying this glittery road trip to your dream wedding. Next point of direction? Flowers! Listen up brides from “princess” to “no fuss” tier…flowers are not something you want to skip/avoid/downplay/ignore/shove off to mother in law/etc. These botanic bursts of color provide a timeless aesthetic, often times a backdrop to your wedding pictures and ceremony. While this is your journey to your destination there are a few dos and donts that as your fairy god-planners we cannot help but point out. So tap those ruby slippers, grab your pooch and we’ll ease on down road on a quick tour past the munchkins to the flowers of the hour!


Rach & Char



Not yo momma’s flowers, this twist on the classic will have you throwing it to no one. Get your own girls!

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/cascading-wedding-bouquets/

FLOWER CHILD JEWELRY: He went green and went to Mother Nature instead of the J man.


Source: https://www.pinterest.com/aromefleuriste/bridal-flower-crown-wedding-floral-crown-mariage-c/

The Classics


Image result for hydrangeas variety

Source: lifeinbloomia.com


Source: flowerlinkia.com

Calla Lilies

Source: aliexpress.com

Which flowers would you have as part of your dream wedding? Comment below!


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