Wedding GPS: Destination Wedding Tips


Before you start packing or dreaming of sand in between your toes, here are a few things to things about for your destination wedding:

  1. Be considerate of your guests.

A huge plus to having a destination wedding is that, more than likely, you’ll be saving some major dough compared to the total cost of a local wedding. Yay! But your guests will have increased expenses for travel, lodging, food, etc. Be considerate and give as much advance notice as possible so that your guests will have plenty of time to budget.

Communication is key. Keep your confirmed guests in the know and help make things a little easier by:

  • Reserving a block of rooms
  • Providing information on the climate
  • Advising on the dress code

2. Make some plans.

The only people that you and your guests will know are you and your guests, so make sure to make known activities and things to do. You may even want to create an itinerary so that everyone is on the same page. We’ve helped a bride create custom welcome baskets that were waiting for her wedding guests in their hotel room upon their arrival. The baskets included a custom thank you message to all of the guests and a complete itinerary for the full time of their stay.

3. Travel smart! There are a few extra things in addition to typical travel details that you may need to consider if you are getting married abroad:


  • Bring your passport and leave a photocopy of it with a trusted friend or relative who is not going to the event, in case it gets lost or stolen.
  • Check with your physician and insurance to ensure that your vaccinations are current and to inquire about others that may be necessary.
  • Bring any medications you routinely take.
  • Pack an extra pair of glasses.
  • Leave unnecessary valuables and irreplaceable items at home.

Some of the things you should inquire about include:

  • Waiting periods for the marriage license
  • Blood test requirements
  • Identification and necessary documentation
  • Witnesses


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