Road to Wedding: Decor

Now as a fair disclaimer we at Rosemint. Inc are not biased to one palette over another simply because it holds part of our company name. We equally love all things shiny, timeless, beautiful, and insert any other girly whimsical modern structured wide variety of adjectives. This palette we are featuring you will be seeing throughout the year, just remember you saw it here first-ish or hey just remember Rosemint Inc.


rose goldRose and gold or rose gold is the pairing of 2016, it’s the cousin of 2015’s copper accents and it keeps up with the rustic venues and intimate table settings that are here to stay in 2016. There is a special intimacy and warmth in this palette, that complements the growing trend of casual togetherness among the wedding couple and attendees. The rose gold palette can be blown up big or kept cozy and small without losing the warmth and beauty. Look no further ladies, this is a palette you can build a firm foundation and add your own spin to it. Set your imagination free on this luscious palette, it will not disappoint!

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