Thrifting and I, It Was a Good Day

A hobby that I love, and that can save lots of $$$, is thrifting! Occasionally I’ll post some of my fabulous finds because what could be better than getting something for waaaayyy under retail?…


It’s always a gamble when I purchase earrings from anywhere because I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin when it comes to metals. As I’ve gotten older the sensitivity has increased. I can put earring in my ear and they will start burning immediately if they are not the right type. Anyway, back to the fabulous earrings and these darn near new Marc Jacobs sunglasses! Although I don’t believe in buying certain brands because of a name, that ideology goes out the window when it comes to March Jacobs. I’m a huge fan of the brand. And this fan got some Marc Jacobs aviators for only $24 bucks



My favorite find is the vintage travel bag you see below. I’ve been carrying it as my purse and it’s the perfect size for all of my staple notebooks and planner. I added a vintage curtain tie (that I sometimes wear as a necklace) to add some pizzazz but it kept falling off so back to the drawing board I went.





I gorilla-glued on a vintage clip on earring that my skin does not agree with and it stayed on a few days. I’ve accepted that this bag will just be worn plain. Unless you have any suggestions…send me a message please if you do!  ***UPDATE*** The earring has fallen off 😦 The gorilla glue didn’t work as well as I thought, but I’m not giving up!




Thanks for checking out my thrift treasures!


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