Wedding GPS: Menswear for the Man of the Hour

Menswear for the Man of the Hour

While the “bride to be” will always remain the sun, moon, and stars of the Rosemint Inc. universe, we must make sure the surrounding celestial bodies perfectly compliment our leading lady. This is where the groom becomes less of a mannequin and more of a…well…well-dressed, dashing, eye candy of a mannequin.(Kidding fellas, without you there would be no us 😉 ) On your special day, there are some things you may forget (which is what Rach and Char are here to anticipate for) and some things will be forever etched in your memory. More tangibly, there will be pictures. There will be selfies. There will be more pictures. There will be your pictures.

Now we know you’ve perused all of the trends and do’s and dont’s for brides, and in the process you may or may not have forgotten about that other person that will coincidentally be there next to you for your big day. Or you would like to guide your “hubby to be” gently into a suit that did not come from Mrs. Poly and Ester. There’s no need to fear Under-…um Rosemint is here! We are the super duo that can have you and your groom covered, no ifs, ands, or dastardly mustache twirling villains (way better than just saying buts).

We compiled a quick cheat sheet of menswear trends that will make any fitting/shopping/ alteration experience a breeze. That way the hubster can get back to keeping the tunes light and snacks flowing as you traverse the highway to your wedding day with Rosemint Inc.

Tell us which look is your favorite via comment!

Bright & Bold: For the hubby that’s not feeling traditional

bright menswear



Mix & Match: For the hubby that likes them all

red vest




The White Tie: For when he’s feeling godly


all white



Patterned Suit: Hubby is quirky and you love it so what



The Color Blue: Hubby is a multi-tasker so he’s your groom AND something blue











Source: brown-shoes- 2015-2016/


By Char

Wedding GPS: Making Travel Plans for Your Destination Wedding

Be Your Own Agent!

We whole-heartedly believe in leaving things to the professional, especially when it comes to event coordination 😉 But with all of the easily accessible travel deals available, booking your destination wedding can be completely DIY!

  1. Here is a list of the best world travel sites from Forbes:


2. TV Host Dana Simone ( recommends Your Local Cousin when traveling abroad. You get insider information from locals of the actual destination that you are considering! Use Dana Simone’s coupon code for a discount. Coupon Code: YLC-10



3. Check with your major credit card concierge for travel deals and perks. You may be surprised at the offers and built in extras that you are missing out on!

4. Directly contact the hotel or resort of your desired locale and find out what types of wedding or honeymoon packages they offer. Because your guests will be traveling also you can get an idea upfront on what type of room block discounts are available. You may even be able to negotiate a better rate or get some free add-ins.



Wedding GPS: Destination Wedding Tips


Before you start packing or dreaming of sand in between your toes, here are a few things to things about for your destination wedding:

  1. Be considerate of your guests.

A huge plus to having a destination wedding is that, more than likely, you’ll be saving some major dough compared to the total cost of a local wedding. Yay! But your guests will have increased expenses for travel, lodging, food, etc. Be considerate and give as much advance notice as possible so that your guests will have plenty of time to budget.

Communication is key. Keep your confirmed guests in the know and help make things a little easier by:

  • Reserving a block of rooms
  • Providing information on the climate
  • Advising on the dress code

2. Make some plans.

The only people that you and your guests will know are you and your guests, so make sure to make known activities and things to do. You may even want to create an itinerary so that everyone is on the same page. We’ve helped a bride create custom welcome baskets that were waiting for her wedding guests in their hotel room upon their arrival. The baskets included a custom thank you message to all of the guests and a complete itinerary for the full time of their stay.

3. Travel smart! There are a few extra things in addition to typical travel details that you may need to consider if you are getting married abroad:


  • Bring your passport and leave a photocopy of it with a trusted friend or relative who is not going to the event, in case it gets lost or stolen.
  • Check with your physician and insurance to ensure that your vaccinations are current and to inquire about others that may be necessary.
  • Bring any medications you routinely take.
  • Pack an extra pair of glasses.
  • Leave unnecessary valuables and irreplaceable items at home.

Some of the things you should inquire about include:

  • Waiting periods for the marriage license
  • Blood test requirements
  • Identification and necessary documentation
  • Witnesses


Wedding GPS: Please Enter A Destination


Destination Wedding


Photo Credit:

Whoa whoa whoa! Before we go any further you have to let us know: how far do you want to go? Where are we going? Okay, okay the wedding is the goal and can be the general location, but WHERE exactly are we going? What is the setting for the wedding of your dreams? Where is the location that Rosemint can primp and polish and lord over guests if they are unruly while your maid of honor fans you as you sip champagne. (That image looks heavenly doesn’t it, we know add it to the to-do list, you’re welcome).


Location is the backdrop of the wedding and it leaves an impression on everyone in attendance. Despite slump-ish global economies, destination weddings continue to rise in popularity and frequency. There’s nothing like declaring your love and devotion on a sandy tropical locale or landmark. While expenses may tally up quickly with travel, lodging and planning abroad, it also allows you to cut costs as far as attendees and reception options. Yes, blushing bride to be we see the gears rolling, so to further entice you Rosemint Wedding GPS has conjured up a dream list of international hot spots trending now.


Before we start allow us to shamelessly plug Chicago as a possible destination. Between our world renowned landmarks from Union Station to Buckingham Fountain to our first class cuisine to our intimate hotel boutiques we have much to offer. There’s also Raych & Char; yes, Chicago serves as our base of operations and our event planning stomping grounds originated here. That being said, if you’re in Chicago look up Rosemint Inc. hint hint, we’ll even prep you for our weather (it’s absolutely crazy guys, beautiful and the best clearly, but crazy nonetheless).


Montana: The Off-the-beaten path destination




Maldives: The Classic


Japan: Because you’re a star and deserve to be among them



Scotland: You get a castle


Chicago: Shameless plug (yes, we know)



By: Char

Wedding GPS: Headlines June 2016

Top News on Weddings

We love to look around the internet for the newest wedding news and stories. Staying on top of everything in regards to weddings helps us to do our job better and keep brides happy! Check out these top stories:


Read about the love stories of Harvard students soon to be wed:


We’ve been pretty lucky with our weddings. So far, everyone we’ve witnessed is still married and many have had recent new additions to the family. One bride who hired us to do her invitations canceled shortly after the invitations were mailed out, but today her and other half are happily wed with a month old baby!

Wedding cancellations do happen and can be devastating. In the end, it’s always best to do what you heart says! Read about how a bride bounced back after her wedding vision was crushed:


Who doesn’t love a little celebrity news? Check out who tied the knot this year:


Road to Wedding: Decor

Now as a fair disclaimer we at Rosemint. Inc are not biased to one palette over another simply because it holds part of our company name. We equally love all things shiny, timeless, beautiful, and insert any other girly whimsical modern structured wide variety of adjectives. This palette we are featuring you will be seeing throughout the year, just remember you saw it here first-ish or hey just remember Rosemint Inc.


rose goldRose and gold or rose gold is the pairing of 2016, it’s the cousin of 2015’s copper accents and it keeps up with the rustic venues and intimate table settings that are here to stay in 2016. There is a special intimacy and warmth in this palette, that complements the growing trend of casual togetherness among the wedding couple and attendees. The rose gold palette can be blown up big or kept cozy and small without losing the warmth and beauty. Look no further ladies, this is a palette you can build a firm foundation and add your own spin to it. Set your imagination free on this luscious palette, it will not disappoint!

Road to Wedding Day Bride Prep “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize”!

Hello, hello one and all!

The gals at Rosemint Inc. thought it’d be a great to provide a little insight on a variety of points of interest as you traverse the unsteady terrain that is your timeline to your wedding day. We’ll touch on a variety of topics from beauty to etiquette to wedding trends and more. Think of Rosemint Inc. as your fairy GPS (Godmother Preparation Services) and enjoy the ride, we turn mountains into molehills.

-XOXO Rach & Char


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

For any bride to be, it is often easy to overlook what’s staring them right in the mirror when thoughts are on cakes, color schemes, bridesmaids and seating charts. That’s right ladies, I’m referring to your reflection and while yes, your dream wedding must be achieved, you also must look fit for a dream yourself. Thus, our spotlight beauty product for this blog entry is  the Pur~lisse Blue Lotus + Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask.



The sheet mask hails from the beauty circles of eastern countries as modern beauty techniques merge with traditional Asian botanicals. The result? A face that feels more fresh than when you moved into your dorm freshman year of college! The trick with the sheet mask is to NOT wash it off, but rub in the leftover mask in a upward circular fashion. This not only provides additional moisture but firms the skin as well. It must be added that the fragrant smells and slight tingly goodness provides a great stress release to keep cool as a cucumber even if you’ve only received five RSVPs after a month. Thus, ladies rev up those engines and make a mad dash to your own slice of blue lotus face oasis.

Image via

Thrifting and I, It Was a Good Day

A hobby that I love, and that can save lots of $$$, is thrifting! Occasionally I’ll post some of my fabulous finds because what could be better than getting something for waaaayyy under retail?…


It’s always a gamble when I purchase earrings from anywhere because I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin when it comes to metals. As I’ve gotten older the sensitivity has increased. I can put earring in my ear and they will start burning immediately if they are not the right type. Anyway, back to the fabulous earrings and these darn near new Marc Jacobs sunglasses! Although I don’t believe in buying certain brands because of a name, that ideology goes out the window when it comes to March Jacobs. I’m a huge fan of the brand. And this fan got some Marc Jacobs aviators for only $24 bucks



My favorite find is the vintage travel bag you see below. I’ve been carrying it as my purse and it’s the perfect size for all of my staple notebooks and planner. I added a vintage curtain tie (that I sometimes wear as a necklace) to add some pizzazz but it kept falling off so back to the drawing board I went.





I gorilla-glued on a vintage clip on earring that my skin does not agree with and it stayed on a few days. I’ve accepted that this bag will just be worn plain. Unless you have any suggestions…send me a message please if you do!  ***UPDATE*** The earring has fallen off 😦 The gorilla glue didn’t work as well as I thought, but I’m not giving up!




Thanks for checking out my thrift treasures!


Why You Need a Wedding Coordinator and Possibly a Wedding Planner

The question has been popped, the excitement has died a bit, and now it’s time to get down to business! Many couples try to wing it without a planner. Everyone (mostly everyone) eventually makes it to newly wed status, but those with a wedding planner are less stressed and can end up with more $$$ in their pocket. Wedding Planners can pull strings and make magic happen, where someone new to the wedding world can have troubles.


My number 1 reason for hiring a Wedding Coordinator:
More than likely it’s the most expensive day of your life and one of the most important. Any large, formal event you’d normally attend has an event manager and are planned by professionals. Your big day should be also be treated as such!


There are tons more reasons, but many have already written about this. Don’t just take my word for it!


Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner
What Type of Wedding Planner Do You Need
We Didn’t Hire a Wedding Planner But Wished We Had



Perhaps your amazing fiancee has already popped the question and presented you with the ring of your dreams, BUT it’s never too late to learn more about what you’ll be wearing on your left hand for the rest of your life! Feel free to share this informative link on diamonds with someone who is on the road to engagement.

So tell us…what is more important to you: size or clarity?